Alpine offers a wide range of services that clients may choose.  Our full turnkey services are proven to increase the life of your program by 100%.

Our goal is to make your holidays hassle-free.  We can implement, strategize and provide recommendations to keep the program looking magical and fresh.

Installation & Removal – Implementations managed by Alpine will include transportation to and from the site, installation, equipment rentals, permits, touch ups & issue resolution, go live, during season maintenance, removal and wrapping/packing for storage.  We pride ourselves on the finishing details and ensure electrical cords are hidden and neatly installed.  Our teams are trained specifically to focus on the details and quality of the job.  It’s “the Alpine way”, our trained professionals do the work for you, start to finish!

Annual Refurbishment & Cleaning – All programs under Alpine’s care are washed annually or as needed.  Dirt is the number one cause of décor detriment and keeping it clean means a longer life.  Programs are evaluated based on need for replacement of decor and budgeted in advance.  Lights and hardware are checked, and repaired if needed.  Each season the goal is for the décor to look outstanding and refreshed.

Storage – Alpine houses over 40 programs in a climate controlled storage facility.  Ensuring décor is wrapped and hung appropriately during the off season is critical to the longevity of the program.  Alpine will store your program for you or work with you to ensure the location, racks and storage implementation is set up for success.

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